Things To Do In New Orleans

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The National World War II Museum 

The National World War II Museum tells the story of the american's side of the war. It shows how, where, and when the war was fought. How it affects our lives today, and really illustrates the price of freedom. The Museum is located in downtown New Orleans. The campus stretches across 6-acres. Five large pavilions, a period dinner theatre, restaurants, and an on site restoration project in progress. Each pavilion is filled with real size historical exhibits. Four buildings each based after the central themes of war. The exhibits include: The Arsenal of Democracy, Road to Tokyo, Road to Berlin, The D-Day Invasion of Normandy, United State Merchant Marine Gallery, and Bayou to Battlefield. Additional traveling exhibits, and special exhibits are on display randomly throughout the buildings. The exhibits are made to be accessible to everyone. The American Spirits Awards are held here as well to honor those who served the program. Volunteers are welcome, and encouraged in the museum. Those who fought, or have family who fought in the war are welcome to tell stories in the oral history section of the museum. The museum is home to over 250,000 artifacts from the war. Many of the artifacts are on exhibit but even more of them are stored away to be used for research, and in future exhibits. In one area of the museum there is a large collection of stories, over 9,000 personal accounts from veterans from all places, times, and positions in the war. The museum also offers digital collections from the war highlighting photographs, videos, and history accounts put together for people's viewing pleasure. Two large theatres make it easy, and quiet to enjoy these videos. General Admission for adults is $28 dollars, $24 dollars for seniors over the age of 65, $18 dollars for students K-12, any veterans and children under 5 have free admission.