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Is the mansion haunted? You'll have to find out for yourself. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the United States and one of the most haunted cities in the world. Come and experience the hauntings of our Crescent City. Why not start off by staying at a Magnolia Mansion? Also in the area is the home where the famous Vampire Novelist Anne Rice lived up until recently. After the death of her husband, Anne Rice pulled up stakes and moved to neighboring Kenner. But her lavender Greek Revival/Italianate home-the setting for her novel The Witching Hour-still drawing visitors (1239 First St.), as is her other Garden District Property, St. Elizabeth’s Orphanage (1314 Napoleon Ave.), now slated for condominiums. They offer daily walking tours in Garden District, with costumed guides relating historical spooky tales. See what others are saying and have experienced while staying at the mansion.

As Featured On TV'S "Haunted New Orleans"
"The Today Show", "NY1 News", & "Channel 10 Syracuse NY News"!

ghost at Magnolia Mansion Halloween at Magnolia Mansion Ghost Orb in Hallway at Magnolia Mansion Ghost Shadow at Magnolia Mansion

"Had a great stay! Slept so well! 3am I heard noises and pleasant humming but nothing alarming. Definitely would recommend and even revisit."

Colin & Irene PearLos Angeles, CA

"Hello, My stay in the Magnolia Mansion was an experience I will never forget! This was my first visit to the beautiful city of New Orleans & I couldn't have stayed in better place! From the charm & warmth of the owner to the curiosity that was brought out in me by the things that go bump in the night. I will definitely be back! The Vampire's Room was simply incredible! My photographs of the orbs will give me stories to tell for years to come! Thank you again for everything!"

Jessica Antequira Los Angeles, CA

"We stayed in the Vamps Bordello room; our room was very romantic and cozy. However we did have a friendly ghost encounter during our stay. Friday night when we went to bed my husband and I placed our shoes in the closet (total of 6 pairs) when we woke up the next morning one of my flip flops was in the bathroom. The other one was placed underneath our bed. Saturday night: we bought a 19th century antique piece (ladies of the crescent moon) the piece weighted approximately 40 pounds. Before bed I placed the piece (statue) on our table in our room. The table is of metal construction, around 3 or 4 am my husband and I awakened to a noise. It sounded as if a piece of furniture was being drug across the hard wood floors. We looked around and seen nothing. Approximately 4hours later the alarm went off and we both look at our statue. The statue was placed vertical on the table before bed. The statue was now faced completely sideways. My husband and I turned the statue back into its previous position in order to see if that was the dragging noise we were awakened to, and it was! Once again my shoes were misplaced one brown shoe was tucked in between 2 pillows that were placed on the floor from the bed and another black shoe at the foot of the bed! Saturday I also awakened and found both pillows stacked neatly at the end of the bed. Pillow belonging the mansion, belonging to me (tempur pedic pillow) my pillow weighs about 5 pounds. The pillow is used for medical purposes, that is why I woke up looking for my pillow. The spirits were friendly and almost as if they were children".

Dr. Steve & Nicky DavisCrestview, FL

"We had a Fantastic time! We will be back! The ghost hunting package was great! The paranormal activity did not disappoint! This is a must stay for anyone wanting a hauntingly great time!"

Blaine & Trish Dugas Madison, MS

"Call Magnolia Mansion for a ghostly good time! What a treat it was- an eye opening experience to explore each room and find the different 'personality ghosts' that reside here. Our paranormal package exceeded my expectations from having a meal blessed by a Voodoo Priestess, the walking tours, tarot card reading, to the many sharing of ghost stories. Thank you!"

Rhonda Stansell Shreveport, LA